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As one of the world’s biggest exporters and manufacturers of DL-Methionine, china has occupied an indispensable position in the international market of DL-Methionine.
DL-Methionine is widely used in food additives and ingredients in most countries. Foodchem International Corporation, as a professional supplier and manufacturer of DL-Methionine in china,has been dedicated to supplying high quality food additives and ingredients to all over the world for 10 years.
If you have any question about our product DL-Methionine, please feel free to contact us via sales@foodchem.cn, we will reply you as soon as possible in one working day.


Product Name:DL-Methionine

Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Assay (on dry matter) % 98.5-101.5
Clarity of Solution Clear, colorless
Transmittance >=% 98.0
PH Value(1g/100ml in water) 5.4-6.1
Chloride(As Cl) =< % 0.05
Heavy Metals(As Pb) =< % 0.002
Lead (As Pb) =< % 0.001
Arsenic (As AS) =< % 0.00015
Sulfate(SO4) =< % 0.02
Ammonium( As NH4) =< % 0.01
Loss on drying =< % 0.5
Residue on ignition(as sulphate ash) =< % 0.1
Organic Volatile Impurities Meets the requirement
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