Kosher Certified Neomycin Sulfate

Kosher foods refer to foods regulated under the Jewish dietary law - kashrut. Kosher designation regulates both food and the ingredients used to production of foods with 3 different classifications: Parve, Dairy and Passover.
Parve is a classification of Kosher foods including: all items that grow from the ground (fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.), fish, eggs, and non-biological edible items.
Dairy traditional refers to milk or milk product from Kosher animals. However, milk from large dairy operation containing minority of non-kosher milk is also permissible to consume.
Passover is an important biblically derived Jewish festival. There is an extremely strict regulation on foods during Passover. Except common non-Kosher food, corns, beans and various Parve foods are inhibited. Leavened foods and yeasts are also inhibited.

Neomycin Sulfate

Neomycin Sulfate is used for treating chicken intestinal toxicity syndrome, necrotic enteritis, ulcerative colitis, especially chicken depression caused by intestinal toxin syndrome, necrotic enteritis, decreased feed intake, milk white, white loose stool, Tan foam loose stool, stool, red filamentous black tar like manure, green thin dung,inclusion of undigested feed loose stool, watery diarrhea, intractable enteritis significant effect.

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