Flavorings suppliers

Flavorings is to point to to increase food color, aroma, taste and appetite. Dressing is mainly refers to vanilla and spice. Vanilla is all kinds of plant leaves son. They can be fresh, dried or ground. The seeds of plants is the spice, a bud, fruits, flowers, bark and roots. Sweet taste than vanilla strong material. All kinds of spices basically has a particular sapidity ingredients, and it relates to the nature of the chemical composition are closely linked, different chemical ingredients, can cause different taste.


In China, Fooding is a professional exporter of food additives, also is a supplier. We can assure our products' quality and low prices to our customers. Flavorings series is one of a food additive. We have many kinds of Acidity flavorings series, such as: Ethyl Maltol,  Ethyl Vanillin, I&G so on.

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