L-Alanine uses

L-Alanine in the pharmaceutical industry:
L-Alanine is an important raw material synthesis VB6, nutrition agent "complement the fine components of amino acid nutrition infusion to 56-41-7-L-Alanine as the main component of the" amino acid injection - 800 "Attending the liver, hepatic encephalopathy and coma patients to promote the rapid awakening,56-41-7-L-Alanine is also a diuretic medicine.
L-Alanine in the food additives industry:
(1) L-Alanine can enhance the nutritional value of foods in various food and beverages, such as: bread, ice cakes, tea, dairy products, carbonated drinks, ice cream and so on. 0.1 to 1% of the L-Alanine can significantly improve the food and drinks protein utilization, and because L-Alanine has the characteristics that can be absorbed by cells directly, so drink fatigue quickly after use, be inspired.
(2) L-Alanine station as artificial sweeteners can improve the sense of taste, L-Alanine allows the sweetness to improve efficiency, reduce the dosage. Sweet ignorant of the agent in the compound by adding 1 to 10% of L-Alanine, can increase the sweetness, soft and sweet as ignorant of the natural sweet agent, and improved taste. L-Alanine, or Taiwan into a high sweetness Alitame raw materials.

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