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Canthaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment widely distributed in nature. Carotenoids belong to a larger class of phytochemicals known as terpenoids. The chemical formula of canthaxanthin is C40H52O2. It was first isolated in edible mushrooms. It has also been found in green algae, bacteria, crustaceans, and fish such as carp, golden mullet, seabream and trush wrasse.Canthaxanthin is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries.

Items Standards
Appearance Free-flowing red brown granule
Smell Special flavour
Particle size 100% through standard mesh 20,Min.90% through standard mesh 40
Moisture content (%) Max. 8.00
Canthaxanthin content (%) Min. 10.00
Trans -canthaxanthin content (%) Min. 8.00
Cis -canthaxanthin content (%) 1.98

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