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As one of the world’s biggest exporters and manufacturers of  Sodium Diacetate,china has occupied an indispensable position in the international market of Sodium Diacetate.

Sodium Diacetateis widely used in food additives and ingredients in most countries. Foodchem International Corporation, as a professional supplier and manufacturer of Sodium Diacetate in china,has been dedicated to supplying high quality food additives and ingredients to all over the world for 10 years.
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Product Name:Sodium Diacetate

Item Specification
Appearance White, hygroscopic crystalline solid with an acetic odour
Free Acetic Acid (%) 39.0- 41.0
Sodium Acetate (%) 58.0- 60.0
Moisture (Karl Fischer method, %) 2.0 Max
pH (10% Solution) 4.5- 5.0
Formic acid, formates andother oxidizable (as formic acid) =< 1000 mg/ kg
Particle Size Min 80% Pass 60 mesh
Arsenic (As) =< 3 mg/ kg
Lead (Pb) =< 5 mg/ kg
Mercury (Hg) =< 1 mg/ kg
Heavy Metal (as Pb) 0.001% Max
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